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The Story

The town's major economic activities until the second half of the 20th century were fishing and cork manufacturing. In the sixties, however the town saw a rapid growth of tourism. The architecture of Palamos itself remained relatively unchanged with most development focused to the south at Sant Antoni de Calonge which now merges with Palamos. The town's nightlife is focused on the old port which is surrounded by bars and restaurants.

Castle of Sant Esteve de Mar

The ruins of the castle of Sant Esteve de Mar are at the eastern end of the beach, on a promontory of granite rock that separates La Fosca from the cove of S’Alguer. It is not known, precisely, when the Castle of San Esteban was founded. Even though the first documented mention appears on a parchment from 1063 in the documentary collection of the monastery of San Pedro de Galligants, the castle would have been constructed on the site of a Roman villa which would also probably have been built, taking advantage of an earlier Iberian settlement.

Port of Palamós

The town is a major port (with the closure of Sant Feliu the only commercial harbour in the Province of Girona) with one of the last remaining fishing fleets on this part of the Mediterranean coast. It is famous for the locally caught prawns from Palamós

La Fosca

La Fosca is one of the great beaches of the Costa Brava. Located to the north of the town of Palamós, it is one of the most renowned, cleanest and quietest.

Œnogastronomie et visite de la Cave Brugarol

Dîner + hébergement + petit-déjeuner + visite guidée de la cave + dégustation de vins et de produits Brugarol. (En savoir plus sur la Cave Brugarol)

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Enogastronomia y visita al Celler Brugarol

Cena + alojamiento + desayuno + visita guiada al celler + degustación de vinos y productos Brugarol. (conocer más sobre el Celler Brugarol)

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Eno-gastronomy and visit to the wine cellar

Includes diner + accommodation + breakfast + guided visit to the wine cellar and degustation of wines and olive oils.  (more information Celler Brugarol)

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